About Us

By adopting the principles of transparency, equality and participation, we create innovative and sustainable spaces that do not lag behind time in line with needs and demands...

The foundation of our group of companies, to which Ece Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Services is affiliated, was founded in 1923 by Prof. It was started when Mustafa Nevzat Bey founded the pharmaceutical laboratory that bears his name.

Established in 2007 for the real estate investments of the PAK Group of Companies, Ece Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Services aims to provide productive working environments for all stakeholders with the investments it has made in the real estate sector since the year it was founded. Ece Commercial Real Estate is a leading company with its real estate value as a company in our country and it is aimed to protect it. Our company includes different disciplines such as city planning, engineering and law and maintains its place in the sector with its professional staff.

Currently, our company, which has a closed area of ​​approximately 233,000 square meters in 15 buildings, 7 of which are in the Organized Industrial Zone, has approximately 159,000 square meters of leasable area in these buildings. Its portfolio includes 780,000 m² of real estate, including lands, and it carries out its management professionally.